Our History

Established in the year 2006 under the name D&R Legal and Under the supervision and guidance of Mr. K.D. Ranjan (Founder) D&R Legal became D AND R Legal LLP. We are providing legal services for more than a decade, with a prime objective to provide quality, unmatchable and refined legal services to our clients. We take immense pleasure in sharing our experience, knowledge, and tradition with our clients, which not only helps our clients legally but also make legal hassle a hassle-free experience.

Our Founders

Mr. K.D. Ranjan (founder partner) and Mr Siddharth Shankar Dev (Managing Partner) are the founders and mentors of the firm, D AND R Legal LLP.

Mr. K.D. Ranjan was a member of the Indian Revenue Service (Income Tax) and retired as a member of the Income Tax tribunal. We take pride in taking this opportunity to introduce our founder a person who gave his contribution to shaping the current income tax structure of India.

Mr Siddharth Shankar Dev (Managing Partner) can be rightly described as a person with humbleness and an advocate with great skills and knowledge. He had successfully handled various litigations, Notably, first Black Money Case of India and Recovering more than INR 100Cr for our clients.

What we do

Since our inception, we have been dedicated to provide our services to corporates. From helping corporates to recover money, to protecting their intellectual property, to becoming a legal pillar of a company. Our dedication and persistent efforts have successfully provided strong legal baking to our clients.

How we do

Our approach is simple, effective and the same since the day D & R Law Offices was started. We holistically analyze a situation and came up with the best possible solutions to our clients. Our transparency and timely delivery have kept us growing and sailing in legal industry.

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