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India is one of the most budding countries for startups. We see more and more young and talented entrepreneurs coming up with groundbreaking solutions and startups. Seeing an opportunity and addressing the same is the art of Startups. in co-ordination with Startup Instant has come up with a guide about how to start a Company.

Starting a Company required three stages: (i) Idea validation, Product development, and Strategy, (ii) Startup Registration, and (iii) Plan execution

Stage I – “Don’t sell ice to an Eskimo” it’s rather an old quote but no one can deny the fact that this is one of the most sensible approaches for an Idea. in nutshell, we can say validate an Idea validation, on the following perspectives;

  1. Name
  2. Tagline
  3. Product or Service development; and
  4. Proper research on the financial, marketing, sales, legal and accounting aspects

Stage II – Once you have a concrete idea and a product one should start the formation of a company, to form a company following basic registrations are important, additional licenses and registration will be required as per company business, but these registrations will remain primary;

  1. Finalize name of a company and search names of existing companies and trademarks;
  2. Private Limited Company Registration;
  3. MSME- it helps in free of cost outstanding recovery and other benefits;
  4. Startup Registration- helps in tax rebate; and 
  5. PAN, TAN and GST Registration

Stage III – As the most important part once we have a company in existence you should start executing your idea, follow strategies, be in touch with industry experts and mentors, and live your dream.

Thank you for reading our article, though this article we have made an attempt to promote new startups to upgrade themselves and reach stage III. and Startup instant will provide new startups assistance and support in the following areas.

  1. Idea discussion and finalization
  2. Product development and Company Setup
  3. Making marketing, legal and accounting strategies
  4. Promoting business on Si platforms
  5. Meeting Investors and Expansion

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