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Important News


Naming a Company or Product is like naming a baby, we all want the same to be something out of the box, super fancy and expression of one’s goal.

And yes this is not an easy task, we search it online Example “10 Cool names for a tech company”, often cheats a little and checks our competitor’s names, or even searches various glossaries and that’s not the end.

Whatever we do to choose a name for our COMPANY or WEBSITE or PRODUCT one thing we should do, always check that the name shouldn’t directly or even indirectly infringes anyone’s existing name or trademark.

Recent Example-Two companies were using the name “TRACNEXT”, one a startup and another a unicorn startup. After using the same name for almost 5 years the unicorn startup was stripped from using the same, as it was not his registered trademark by the latter company.

As a result, that unicorn startup’s android and IOS mobile application were deactivated by the online stores, and they were forced to remove that name from everywhere. And yes the humiliation part, no one can imagine.

So, how to check that your name is not infringing anyone’s intellectual property.

Step 1- Check your category

Step 2- Check the word on the trademark website 

Step 3- Check the name in the ROC records

These three little and simple steps can save form any future humiliation and loss.

A baby can have common names but not your company or website or product….

We will come up with more legal aspects, as follows

  1. Important Registrations, and how to it yourself.
  2. Trademark and design registration, and how to it yourself
  3. Understanding and Streamlining your Website terms of use and Privacy Policy 
  4. Important parts in commercial contracts
  5. Service Legal Agreements, and their importance
  6. EULA, and their importance
  7. How to handle escalations
  8. How to handle litigation
  9. Legal Audits
  10. How to handle a non-payment issue
  11. Inter-partner Agreement, and its importance
  12. NDA
  13. Shareholder Agreement
  14. Power of attorney

And many more topics, feel free to ask any questions or suggestions and you can just say Hi!!

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