Important News

Important News


Running a tech company is no less than riding a wild horse, a horse which the movement you think it’s under your control does something unexpected, might though you off.

Constant changing codes, developing styles, debugging, removing obsolete technologies, keeping an eye on competitors etc are the majority time consumer of a tech company.

Almost every company is so much occupied in R&D and operations they completely forget about the INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY LAWS. Well! Ask yourself when last you actually read the old boring text in black and white.

Many IT companies to tackle IT laws have very innocently copied terms of use and privacy policy from other websites. Yes! We can admit this.

Few practices that almost every IT company does are (i) storing your customer details, (ii) storing your client’s data, through API’s or scrapping (iii) storing sensitive data. In a nutshell, IT Law governs what data you can collect, how you can collect, how to limit your liability and what to do it cause there is a breach of data.

Let’s get to some important points in an IT business. 

(i) Starting from a website, your terms of use are also an agreement that is in between you and your user. So copying and pasting will not help you out.
(ii) The privacy policy is your actual data collection and usage policy, if you say nice things and do a little different, your competitors can have an edge over you.

(iii) someone used your website and posted did something illegal, what should do. If the answers are, you have a privacy policy to deal with it, then its fatal for you.
(iv) data in your company is breached and you are using the same old tactics to deal with it, email your colleagues to find the culprit. This will also won’t help you.

Information Technology Act, 2000 and rules thereof are the guidelines which you have to follow to safeguard your online business. Yes! It is a one time job and you have to be cautious about it.

Information technology Act, 2000 says creates an environment of safe online usage, through two rules (i) IT (Reasonable security practices and procedures and sensitive personal data information) Rules, 2011 and (ii) IT (intermediaries guidelines), 2011.

The Act and rules thereof put several obligations on you to create a safe online environment and to deal with odd situations accordingly. It is not only your responsibility but also your pillar of a safe company. Don’t give a chance to the authorities and competitors to have an edge over you.

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